Skin Perfector Finishing Touch


Insta Ready Skin Finish For Face and Body

By covering imperfections and reflecting light, our Finishing Touch Skin Perfector enhances your skin tone and covers slight blemishes, freckles & veins. With it’s natural shade tint and instant results your skin 


  • Luminous formula veils blemishes and imperfections.
  • Ideal for hard to tan areas (apply with a foundation brush for heavier coverage).

HOW TO USE: Smooth onto skin in circular motions and blend well using a Lusso Tan Mitt.

LAYERING YOUR PRODUCTS: Enjoy the Lusso Tan ritual for an exceptionally natural looking tan.
STEP 1 - Mist on your Lusso Tan Primer to beautifully prepare skin. 
STEP 2 - Enjoy smoothing Lusso Tan Tanning Lotion or Gradual Tan over your skin. 
STEP 3 - Boost your results with our Lusso Tan Finishing Touch range.

FREE FROM: Parabens.

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